Getting ‘naked’ for affordable UK housing

Could a new style of “naked” housing revolutionise the UK’s property market to make homes more affordable for first-time buyers? A popular concept in other parts of the world, this model of housing is essentially providing a shell of a property with basic utilities installed – and that’s it. Having the bare necessities in place […]

Restoration projects fire the imagination

Ever fallen in love with a ruined castle? Swooned over a derelict watermill? Imagined yourself descending the staircase of a once-grand Georgian mansion? We all have dreams of living in our perfect dwelling. Some take that dream to much greater lengths and create their ideal home from a relic of the past. Even grander projects […]

Focus remains on first-time buyers

Held every February, First-time Buyers’ Fortnight aims to encourage and inspire young people in particular to get on the property ladder. The event recognises that, for many young people, there are many hurdles in the way of them purchasing their own home. However, there are good omens for those anticipating a move into property ownership […]

What is RICS and Why is it Important for Your Survey?

Everyone seems to be talking about RICS surveyors and how important it is to have one – but what actually is RICS? And what is so important about it? Don’t worry, though, we’ve got all the answers right here… So first, what exactly is RICS? RICS stands for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. It […]

How party-wall agreements affect your home

If you’re buying a new property, you’ll need to know if you share any walls, fences or boundaries with the neighbours, and whether they’ve got any plans to build before you move in. A survey can tell you everything you need to know about party walls, but we’ve made a good start on the topic […]