Planning Search

This search is recommended if you want to find out information about possible private development near to a house you intend to buy.

The planning search will normally be recommended by your solicitor during the conveyancing process.

A local search will not show details of any planning consents or applications relating to any other properties. So you could buy your new home and then find out that a neighbour has already got permission to build a large extension, or even that a supermarket chain has just lodged a planning application to build a superstore on the open land behind the garden. 

A planning search will give you details of any existing consents or applications relating to property within a 500 metre radius.

It will also provide details of planning zoning as set out in the council’s planning policy. You could find that the open land behind your home is zoned for residential or even industrial use, which means that further development is likely.

Post Author: Frances Traynor