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The content of survey reports will vary considerably due to factors including the age, type, location and condition of the property, and materials used in its construction.

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Survey reports can be large files containing many photos of a property. On slower connections these files may take a short while to download.

Do you need a Home Buyers Survey? Which survey is the right choice?

  • House suitable for a RICS Level 2 Survey

    RICS Level 2 Survey in Ascot

    The RICS Level 2 Survey is the best choice if planning to purchase a home made of conventional materials i.e. brick & tile, in reasonable order and built in the last 100 years. Find out more

  • Property suitable for a RICS Level 3 Survey

    RICS Level 3 Survey in Ascot

    The RICS Level 3 Survey (often referred to as a Full Structural Survey in Ascot) will also be carried out by a MRICS or FRICS accredited surveyor and is more exhaustive. Choose this for non standard property such as thatched or older homes. Find out more

  • Surveyor carrying out a Property Valuation

    Property Valuation Report in Ascot

    This is an independent chartered surveyor valuation of the property. This is typically chosen by mortgage free buyers or someone requiring a formal valuation e.g. matrimonial dispute. Find out more


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Home Buyers Survey in Ascot

RICS Level 2 Survey

Should I choose a RICS Level 2 Survey, Full Structural Survey or RICS Level 3 Survey for a house in Ascot and which is the cheapest?

The Full Structural Survey has a new name called a RICS Level 3 Survey, although it is basically the same the same comprehensive survey.

If the Ascot property is a flat, or is a period property, or has been structurally modified, or is built of unusual materials, RICS advise the cheaper RICS Level 2 Survey.

If you intend to make any alterations, RICS advise you choose a RICS Level 3 Survey. This survey is less cheap, however it will give you an in-depth analysis of the Ascot property's general condition along with information on defects and maintenance options .

For further advice why not obtain an instant Ascot Survey Quote or call us 0800 022 4428 to speak to our survey team.

Timber damage by insect larvae

My husband spotted signs of insects in the bedrooms. Will a surveyor look into this?

Infestations can range from the mild and harmless, to the seriously harmful. Pests quite literally come in all shapes and sizes, and can be more difficult to treat than many buyers realise. Signs may not be obvious, for example, a moth infestation may not be found for months after purchase, and even if treated, may never be fully eradicated. Treatment for pest problems may include professional cleaning and destruction of tainted materials.RICS guidelines on the issue of pest problems are something of a 'grey-area', so specific fears should be mentioned to your Ascot surveyor.

External brick wall issue identified during property survey

What input does a surveyor in Ascot give for homes built from Flemish bond walls?

Brick-built Ascot flats demonstrate several benefits over buildings using regular cut stone. Unfortunately, they also be affected by both minor and serious issues, from weathering to signs of movement. Your RICS surveyor will cover these in his report, with feedback. An issue often addressed by surveyors in the region is patchwork cracks caused by tie failure. This cracking may only be visible internally, and is accompanied by an irregular wall surface. Morris Tim at 12a Grove Farm Pk/Mytchett Rd, Mytchett, Camberley, GU16 6AG should give an estimate for any work. Call them on 01252 518455.

For buyers with an eye for detail, less used styles of brick course include Scottish bond features five courses (rows) of long-oriented bricks then one row of short faced bricks, before repeating the pattern. Consider renegotiating the price of the Ascot property, based on the results of your survey. Works to remedy even some superficial brick wall defects can be both expensive and disruptive.

House Prices

There is a property in Ascot (SL5) on for £252, 275. What factors will Ascot RICS chartered surveyor evaluate when calculating house prices in Ascot on a property valuation report ?

There are many factors which could have a bearing on property values for example the existence of double glazing or issues with drainage. It can help to set against prices achieved in the nearby area for similar flats. The mean flat price paid between July and October in 2012 was £228, 675, which is £23, 600 less than the amount you are paying (£374, 281 was the blended house/flat average). 6, Barkers Meadow, Ascot, Bracknell Forest, Bracknell Forest, SL5 8SD recently sold for £198, 750 .

In order for home buyers to get an accurate house valuation is to get a RICS Level 2 Survey which includes a professional valuation as part of the service. Your RICS chartered surveyor will be accredited under the Valuer Registration Scheme, which reinforces professional standards.

Wall cracks caused by subsidence

We are buying a 1963-built flat in Ascot and saw evidence of there are no cracks in the brickwork outside, but living room floor dips noticeably. How could this affect the property, and what can be done to resolve subsidence if subsidence is found during the property survey?

Subsidence is defined as movement of the foundations of a structure, but some degree of movement will always occur. New properties, for example, will need to settle under the weight of the building. Generally, a builder will return to a new structure after time has passed in order to repair settlement damage.

Many homes develop superficial cracks in a wall surface, due to settlement, changes in temperature and humidity. In some cases, the presence of organic material, which begins to rot, can also destabilise parts of the property's foundations. This will cause the soil beneath and around the foundations to collapse.

Identifying the cause of subsidence is the first step to its solution. The removal of trees may make the problem worse, however, so professional advice should be sought. Underpinning could be the only option in some cases, unfortunately. As an alternative to underpinning, piling, or mini-piling, uses concrete or steel poles that are driven down into more stable soil, to stop further movement. If the load-bearing parts of the property have been damaged, these may be repaired with steel rods, fixed into place with cement to restore the structural integrity of the building. A surveyor will be able to tell you if there is subsidence in your home or not, and what is causing it.

RICS Level 3 Survey on houses

Are there any benefits for conducting the full structural survey instead of a RICS Level 2 Survey if purchasing a defective bungalow?

Structural Surveys are no longer available and the new type of survey which is called a RICS Level 3 Survey is now available. If you are buying a modified Ascot home e.g. a tatty house, it is now the most appropriate survey. It sets out thorough and crucial details about the buildings condition in conjunction with any maintenance needs a thorough inspection of any accessible parts of the house. Permanent outside buildings should be inspected as part of the process.