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What is a Level 2 House Survey?

A RICS Level 2 Survey, also known as a Level 2 Home Buyer survey, is carried out by a RICS-qualified surveyor. This type of survey looks at any visible defects and the surveyor aims to comment on the condition of the property, both internally and externally. The aim of a RICS Level 2 Survey is to bring to light any defects in the property, so that you, as a potential buyer, can make an informed decision about the purchase. This type of report includes a property valuation.

How can a RICS Level 2 Survey help with your property?

It can help you to:

  • Identify potential problems and serious issues with the property
  • Negotiate a better property price
  • Easily understand issues with a ‘traffic light' rating system
  • Be prepared for additional costs if you continue the purchase
  • Make a reasoned and informed decision as to whether to proceed, reconsider or renegotiate on the purchase

For example, if your report findings indicate damage to walls which would require repair costing £4000, it would be reasonable to reduce your offer by £4000 or pull out of the purchase altogether.

The Home Buyer survey will be carried out by an independent local expert who is a qualified RICS property surveyor.

Surveyor Local also offers next day bookings, call 0800 032 7649 to enquire. Or if you'd rather get a RICS Level 2 Survey Quote, feel free to get in touch first. 

What kind of property is the Level 2 Home buyer's Survey best for?

The RICS Level 2 Survey is a general survey of a property, remarking on any visible issues or defects. If the home being surveyed is of standard construction and was built after 1900, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recommends that the RICS Level 2 Survey is the most suitable survey to order. The report is delivered in a standardised format for easy reference.

Did you know:

47% of homebuyers said a home survey uncovered problems they were not aware of from viewings alone, according to the Which? Home Movers Survey 2016

What can I expect to see in my RICS Level 2 Survey?

When you receive your Level 2 House Survey, within 3-5 days of the survey being carried out, you can expect:

  • A valuation of the property
  • Details of major faults in accessible areas
  • Urgent problems which require attention
  • Observations of woodworm/rot, damp, and subsidence.
  • Surveyor's overall summary of property condition
  • Estimate for rebuilding the property

What is the condition rating on a house survey?

The condition rating on a Level 2 house survey is based on the ‘traffic light colour system. This involves 3 condition ratings to evaluate and describe the condition of the property and how urgently it needs repairing, helping you to reach an informed decision.

What information do you get from a Level 2 Home buyers Survey?

We only work with RICS-qualified, local surveyors who are experienced in carrying out Home Buyer Surveys, and RICS Level 3 Surveys, as well as Property Valuations. We have an experienced and skilled team, ready to answer any questions you may have before deciding.

Get an instant home buyers survey quote or contact us on 0800 032 7649 to discuss your requirements.

What levels of RICS surveys are there?

Whilst RICS Level 2 Surveys are perfect for home buyers, we also work with a range of independent surveyors who specialise in other areas of the RICS Survey levels like Property Valuation Reports and RICS Level 3 surveys.

Property Valuation Report

The most basic of the three property reports, this is primarily a valuation and will not include details of concerns or defects.

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Full RICS Level 3 Survey

A more in-depth survey of a home, including all accessible areas of the property. RICS do recommend the RICS Level 3 Survey Report for older properties or those properties of non-standard construction. RICS Level 3 Surveys are tailored by the individual surveyor and can address any additional questions or concerns from the potential buyer.

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Commonly asked questions on RICS Level 2 Surveys

How long does it take to complete a Level 2 House Survey?

Completing a survey in any property will always vary in terms of time depending on the home's size and condition. However, RICS Level 2 surveys can generally take between 2 and 4 hours for the inspection to be completed.

Who can do a level 2 survey?

A level two survey is conducted by a RICS qualified surveyor. At Surveyor Local, we pride ourselves on having a network of national surveyors, each experts in the RICS Survey Levels and properties within their local area of work. With UK widecoverage, we can provide specialised Level 2 insight on a whole range of properties. Find out now whether we currently have a Level 2 home buyers surveyor in your area.

Are RICS Level 2 Surveys worth the money?

Choosing to have a Level 2 Home Buyers survey on a property can potentially save you both costs and time on your property. These inspections work to uncover defects and any necessary repairs that need to be resolved before you purchase the home.

Can you use the information found in an RICS Survey Level 3 in negotiations?

Yes, of course. RICS Level 2 house surveys serve as a perfect opportunity for you to negotiate a reduced price on a property should there be significant defects discovered during the inspection. Alternatively, you may instead opt to have the issues addressed and resolved before your purchase.

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