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When it comes to purchasing a property, an important, yet often forgotten, step is to ensure a house survey is conducted on the property. House purchase surveys can play an essential role in helping prospective property buyers assess the property's condition and integrity before they go ahead and purchase.

By commissioning a house purchase survey, potential buyers gain invaluable information on the structural soundness, any potential defects in and around the home, and the overall condition of their prospective purchase. A house purchase survey gives them the confidence to make informed decisions, limit risks, and avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Getting a house survey could save you time and money. Home buying requires significant financial commitment and consideration. A house survey is essential to protecting the investment and giving buyers peace of mind about their decision to buy a house. Let's explore the benefits of getting a survey on a property.

Buying a house - Which level of RICS home survey do you need?

There are three different types of surveys: Property Valuation Report, RICS level 2 survey and RICS level 3 survey. Each of these surveys has a different focus, so buyers should consider which of the three is the right choice for them. 

6 reasons why you should get a property survey

We've created a helpful infographic to illustrate the 6 benefits of getting a property survey.

Why you should get a survey when selling a property.

Peace of mind

House surveys play an integral part in giving a prospective buyer peace of mind by providing independent expert advice regarding the property in which you invest.

Statistics reveal that 20% of property buyers regret purchasing without first consulting an impartial surveyor for advice. A house survey provides buyers with invaluable insight and clarity, helping them make informed and confident decisions.

Uncovering hidden Defects

Unseen structural defects within a property can pose serious threats to its structural integrity and the well-being of its occupants, with issues like dampness, rot, and wiring faults lurking below the surface and jeopardising its long-term livability.

Professional house surveys are essential in uncovering hidden defects. While casual inspection may go undetected, surveyors are trained to spot subtle signs of structural damage or safety hazards - through meticulous examination and special tools, they can identify areas that otherwise go unseen by most.

By uncovering hidden defects early on, buying a house survey ensures the safety and long-term liveability of any given property. Furthermore, its invaluable insights equip buyers to make more informed decisions regarding their investment - from repair negotiations and price adjustments to considering other alternatives altogether.

Assessing property value

Recent statistics demonstrate that 40% of buyers use information gleaned from house surveys to negotiate a price reduction. It highlights the significance of having an accurate understanding of a property's condition and value before finalising a purchase agreement. 

An investment in buying a house survey is both an act of negotiation leverage and financial prudence. By drawing upon insights provided by a survey, buyers can negotiate confidently for fair property prices that reflect their true worth while avoiding overpayment pitfalls.

Understanding renovation costs

Acknowledging potential renovation costs associated with a property is key for prospective buyers considering improvements or changes. A house survey will provide valuable insights into its condition as well as highlight any areas of the home that require renovation or improvement.

House surveys also help buyers anticipate and budget for any surprises or expenses that might crop up during future renovations. By identifying potential issues upfront - like structural deficiencies or hidden defects - house buyers can better plan repairs and renovations ahead of time, creating an easier renovation experience and lessening financial strain.

Identifying structural issues

Finding structural problems when purchasing a property is paramount, as these concerns can have lasting ramifications for safety and maintenance costs. A thorough property survey helps buyers identify foundation issues, roof damage, subsidence issues, and any other potential structural concerns that might otherwise remain undetected.

Statistics reveal that buyers save £5,800 on average by taking advantage of insights gained from property surveys. This significant cost reduction shows the importance of early identification of structural issues; it allows buyers to negotiate repairs or price cuts early and avoid additional expenses later on.

Local expertise

Local knowledge can be an invaluable asset when conducting property surveys, as it enables surveyors to anticipate and address specific issues for that region. Local surveyors have in-depth knowledge of their region as well as an appreciation of common issues found there and what should be looked out for during property assessments.

Our property surveyors at Surveyor Local are RICS regulated, ensuring professional standards, quality assurance and consumer protection.

When do I need to get a house purchase survey?

Home buyer's valuations play an integral part in helping buyers assess the true value of a property during the homebuying process, providing insight into any factors that could hinder its worth. The best time to schedule your survey is after your offer has been accepted but before the exchange of contracts.

House purchase timeline

The buyer is responsible for organising their own home purchase survey. A RICS survey or property valuation report is separate from your mortgage valuation as it is independent and allows you to get further visibility on how to improve your property. You should consider getting a survey 1 to 3 weeks after offer acceptance.

How to prepare for a home purchase survey

If you have an upcoming home purchase survey, you should ensure the property chain is complete and confirm that the seller has sent the draft contracts. It is always a good idea to check with your surveyor for their cancellation policies in case you need to cancel.

How to arrange a house survey

At Surveyor Local, we work with over 100 RICS surveyors across the country, all of whom possess intimate local knowledge and expertise of the properties in your local area. The surveyors are independent and strive to ensure that you get the best service value from your home purchase survey.

If you have any questions or would like to proceed with buying a house survey, do not hesitate to call us today on or get a quick online quote, and we will be in touch shortly.

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