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What is the difference between a mortgage valuation and a property valuation report?

When it comes to a mortgage valuation, this is usually carried out by the lender, simply to determine if they can recoup the value of their loan, if need be.

You may have been advised that a mortgage valuation is enough reassurance when buying a new property.

However, you can obtain a property survey for your benefit. An Independent Property Valuation Report provides an expert opinion, giving you a professional valuation of the property, and helping to stop you from paying too much.

It's worth noting that a Property Valuation Report is the most basic property survey and will not pick up on any defects with the building.

Why book an Independent Property Valuation?

You might want to book an independent property to get expert advice and a better understanding of exactly how much a property is worth before you either purchase it, or put it up for sale. 

  • It can help you negotiate a better property price where a lower valuation is given.
  • Surveyor Local's national panel of surveyors are fully qualified and highly experienced RICS-accredited surveyors.

And it's not only buyers who can benefit. As a seller, a Property Valuation can assist by giving you a fair and unbiased valuation of your property, before you put it on the market.

In either case, get in touch and get a property valuation quote from us today.

Using a RICS Surveyor for your valuation report

It's important to use someone you can trust. Our surveyors aim to empower you as a purchaser by providing you with greater knowledge about your perspective property. 

At Surveyor Local, we only work with RICS-qualified, local surveyors, who are experienced in valuing property and are ready to take on new valuation reports.

You can either order an Independent Property Valuation on its own or you can add one to a RICS Level 3 Survey Report. If you order a Home Buyer Survey, a valuation is included.

Our team is experienced and can answer any questions you have - we are open from  our opening hours are:

Commonly asked questions on Independent Property Valuation Reports

How long does a property valuation take?

Based on a range of variables like size, cost and condition, the time taken to conduct a property valuation can differ. Generally, an independent valuation report should be expected to take around one or two hours.

Who can do a property valuation?

A property valuation is conducted by a RICS qualified surveyor. We are proud to have a network of expert surveyors across the UK, with specialities in each of the RICS Survey Levels. Thanks to our UK wide coverage, we can provide specialised insight into a whole range of properties. Find out now whether we currently have a local expert in your area.

What factors can influence the valuation of a property?

There are a whole range of factors which can play a part in the results of a valuation report. Our surveyors take into account a property's location, size, condition, age and of course comparable sales in the area, market trends and the state of the economy.

Can you use a property valuation report in negotiations?

Yes, the information learnt from your property valuation report allows you the perfect opportunity to negotiate the price of a property. It can be used to the advantage of both buyers and sellers to justify their asking price.

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