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The content of survey reports will vary considerably due to factors including the age, type, location and condition of the property, and materials used in its construction.

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Survey reports can be large files containing many photos of a property. On slower connections these files may take a short while to download.

Do you need a Home Buyers Survey? Which survey is the right choice?

  • House suitable for a RICS Level 2 Survey

    RICS Level 2 Survey in Kensington

    The RICS Level 2 Survey is the best choice if planning to purchase a home made of conventional materials i.e. brick & tile, in reasonable order and built in the last 100 years. Find out more

  • Property suitable for a RICS Level 3 Survey

    RICS Level 3 Survey in Kensington

    The RICS Level 3 Survey (often referred to as a Full Structural Survey in Kensington) will also be carried out by a MRICS or FRICS accredited surveyor and is more exhaustive. Choose this for non standard property such as thatched or older homes. Find out more

  • Surveyor carrying out a Property Valuation

    Property Valuation Report in Kensington

    This is an independent chartered surveyor valuation of the property. This is typically chosen by mortgage free buyers or someone requiring a formal valuation e.g. matrimonial dispute. Find out more


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Timber damage by insect larvae

Our future neighbour in Kensington has warned us about vermin affecting some of the nearby properties; how do we investigate further?

Pests like mice may sometimes seem a small, even irrelevant, matter when buying a house in Kensington, because they are viewed as a common sight, particularly in older buildings.

However, this issue should be taken seriously, as it may not be obvious that a property is suffering a severe pest problem. This is because evidence can be overlooked, such as mouse droppings behind fitted cupboards, chewed food packets, or the sounds of scuttling in the loft space.

As another example, while termites are still rare in the UK, they may be present in imported timber. They are capable of almost hollowing out beams before they are discovered and can therefore put the structural integrity of a home at serious risk.

Treatment for bug or other pest issues may include the use of poison, and you should not attempt to clear the problem yourself in this way without obtaining professional guidance. Your surveyor will be able to check for the existence of any pests, but, if you are aware of any local concerns, you should let your surveyor know so that they can target their investigations.

For more advice, you can talk to a pest control expert, or call Surveyor Local on 0800 022 4428 to discuss your needs. If you want to get your survey under way today, you can call our friendly team, who will be happy to set up an appointment.

Traditionally-built property

My partner and I are purchasing an older converted house in Kensington. Will the age of the home be a concern regarding its upkeep?

Use of traditional methods can be a cause of concern for would-be buyers, and Kensington property that was built using traditional methods can be expensive to maintain.

It is often the case that expert knowledge is necessary, and you could also be required to find sympathetic construction materials, such as matching stone or wood, particularly if the building is listed or in a conservation area (this s very likely if the neighbouring houses are similarly constructed).

For more advice on your next steps, why not talk to Surveyor Local’s team of survey advisers on 0800 022 4428? Or you can appoint an experienced surveyor with us today and get your structural assessment under way.

Subsidence resulting from soft clay soil

A home we intend to buy in Kensington is apparently built on clay soil. Will a Property Survey report on this, and does the chartered surveyor provide any advice on its maintenance?

The content of soil around the foundations of a Kensington property will almost certainly have an impact, with issues ranging from compression of layers of the subsoil to swelling of the soil, both of which can put a property's foundations under great strain.

In Kensington's relatively mild climate, the variations in volume which clay soil experiences will be barely noticeable but extended dry or wet spells may well impact the soil's stability, affecting the property itself. For example, the small cracks found in the kitchen floor may turn out to be benign, or they could be a clue that should prompt a more thorough investigation.

A Kensington surveyor will consider any clay-soil-related concerns when performing the survey assessment and they will advise you accordingly should you need to take any action now or in the future. In some more extreme cases, the building foundations may need extra support, but this can be costly, particularly where access to the foundations is limited by the constrictions of the neighbouring properties.

For your instant Kensington Home Survey quote, you can visit Surveyor Local’s website (or scroll to the top of this page), which has a very simple form to fill in, or, if you’d prefer to talk to someone about your plans, call our team of survey advisers on 0800 022 4428.

Damage resulting from flooding

We are intending to buy a ground floor apartment in Kensington; does the residential surveyor look for evidence of flooding?

According to the 2009 report by the Environment Agency, 5.2m homes (that’s around 1 in every 6) are at risk from some sort of flooding, with over half (2.8m) susceptible to surface flooding and flood damage.

And, with the developing extreme climatic events and the increased likelihood of flooding where problems didn’t previously exist, it’s not clear that reasonably-priced flooding insurance will be available in years to come as insurance providers ramp up their premiums to cope with the increased number and severity of the claims.

As with many aspects of home ownership, flood prevention is better (and cheaper) than a cure. Flooding can increase the likelihood of water entering a Kensington home, such as via window-frames or through the air bricks. Preventative measures can include costly but effective solutions (e.g. the use of lime-based plaster on walls).

The surveyor may ask the estate agent about historical floods, although the result of these enquiries should be treated as a guide only. But they will probe the home to establish whether any evidence of flooding exists, how recent it is and what the impact is. For peace of mind, it therefore makes complete sense to order a survey on any purchase you are considering.

Want to find out more about the surveys? Need to get an experienced surveyor to look at your planned new home? You can secure a surveyor with Surveyor Local now by paying 10% of the quote online. If you’re ready to get your survey under way, call our waiting friendly team on 0800 022 4428.

RICS Level 2 Survey valuation

I'm a little confused: Which Surveyor Local surveys include a valuation and a rebuild estimate, and how would this be calculated for a property I’m buying in central Kensington?

A RICS Level 2 Survey will contain an impartial valuation and a reinstatement cost (which also incorporates the cost of rebuilding any outbuildings, such as a garage), which are included in the fee of the survey.

To calculate the market value of the property in question, your RICS valuer will combine their awareness of the Kensington property market with other considerations relating to the property:

  • accommodation (that is, the number of rooms within it)
  • the size of any garden that comes with it
  • the architecture and construction type
  • assumptions that can be made, such as there being no major problems with the building, or that there are no serious legal issues (like issues with access to the property over estate roadways)
  • proximity to amenities and transport links
  • environmental considerations (e.g. how prone the area is to flood, or if the home is under a flightpath)

A RICS Level 3 Survey won't include a valuation as standard, but one can be added for a nominal fee. Alternatively, a Property Valuation Report (PVR) can be performed, if you are only interested in receiving a valuation and not an assessment of the structural integrity.

If you want to know more about the differences between Surveyor Local’s services and products, you can compare the surveys. Or, to get your quick and easy survey quote, try our online form by scrolling back to the top of this page. But, if you’re ready to appoint your surveyor, call our team now on 0800 022 4428 and we’ll get you started.

Stone-block wall damage

We are buying an 1890s conversion with stone walls in Kensington; are there any specific issues to consider?

Stone walls used in the construction of a home are often ignored by homebuyers due to their perceived strength and solidity.

The problems which can plague poorly-maintained stone will vary considerably. Bear in mind that some defects will affect stone that has a regular cut (sharp corners and lines) or irregular cut (more ‘natural’ in appearance) equally, whereas others will not, and may require a local surveyor’s expertise to identify whether the defect exists and what the impact on the structure might be now and in the long term.

The choice of stone will impact the lifespan of a structure (for example, slate is far more water-resistant than many other stones and will therefore be more hard wearing).

Homebuyers Surveys will offer guidance on these matters, which is why it’s so important for you to investigate getting a surveyor in to look over your planned purchase. Call our friendly team of advisers on 0800 022 4428 to organise your free survey quote, or, if you’re ready, you can pay 10% of the cost online now to secure a surveyor.

House prices

There is a flat in the Kensington area priced at £995,000. What things does a surveyor consider when calculating house prices in Kensington?

A qualified RICS surveyor will go to the property as well as considering the wealth of area knowledge and factors that have a bearing on the value of property. There are a huge number of issues that could affect house and flat prices (for example, the quality of nearby schools, access to the flat, or whether the garden is overlooked). It can help to benchmark selling-prices recorded for similar properties in Kensington.

This means the average price of completed transactions in Kensington in May 2018 was £1,326,653, which is £331,653 more than the asking price for the cited property. With regards to other types of property, the averages for the same month in Kensington were:

PriceProperty type

Information © 2018 HM Land Registry. Retrieved from HM Land Registry website on 13 August 2018

An impartial way to get a formal house valuation is with a RICS Level 2 Survey, which includes a Property Valuation Report (PVR) as a core component. A qualified RICS surveyor will be part of the Valuer Registration Scheme, which reinforces professional standards.

If you need further guidance, why not try our online Home Survey Quote generator (scroll to the top of the page and fill in a few pieces of information) or call our team on 0800 022 4428.

Shocking electrics

When I was shown a flat I would like to buy in Kensington, there appeared to be old wiring throughout; will the surveyor report on any faults with the electrics?

When preparing a RICS Level 2 Survey in Kensington, your RICS surveyor will highlight the condition of the electrics if it is suspected that they are in a poor state of repair. This includes a visual examination of the exposed areas of wiring and the fuse-box, in addition to inspecting the category of the electrical fittings in bathrooms or verifying the condition of a representative sample of the range of light fittings and switch gear. All the findings will appear in your survey report.

Verifying the existence of the documents from the most recent Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) (as validated by a suitably-qualified electrician) will also form part of the survey. The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) advises that an electrical check should be carried out at least every ten years (or every five, if you are letting the property out).

For one of the best surveyors available, contact Surveyor Local on 0800 022 4428, or you can pay 10% of the quoted amount online to secure their services.

Traditionally built property

My partner and I are purchasing an older cottage in Kensington. Will the building's age be a concern?

Some purchasers plan to buy a unique or characterful property. Use of traditional methods, however, can sometimes be an issue. Kensington property built using traditional or "vernacular" techniques can be a chore to maintain. It is often the case that specialist knowledge is necessary, and it could also be necessary to find Traditional building materials, which could result in longer-term maintenance obligations.

Asbestos roof tiles

A friend's builder stated there is a concern of asbestos roof tiles affecting the property. What are the issues with asbestos?

Asbestos is a noxious fibrous material. Chrysotile (White), Amosite (Brown) and Crocidolite (Blue) were commonly found in the building materials for example boiler cupboard. Its use is widespread, for example - as it has excellent heat resistance qualities and it may be found in boards around windows. Technically all forms including white ( Chrysotile) are carcinogenic and may lead to lung cancer if inhaled over sustained periods. If discovered, one must be careful on no account to disturb the asbestos and expert advice should be sought urgently.

Surveyors cannot confirm the existence asbestos on a Kensington home survey. Your surveyor will note the risk of asbestos and should suggest further investigation.

Other external areas of the property

In the RICS Level 2 Survey, what will 'E9 - Other' include?

The RICS Level 2 Survey is intended to be easy to read and understand, and avoid potentially unfamiliar technical language. The surveyor uses a scale between 1 and 3 to show how concerning each aspect of the report is. In some cases, an element covered under Section E may be marked as NI, or 'Not inspected'. Irrelevant subsections of the RICS Level 2 Survey, like an assessment of a conservatory where the home in question does not have one, are disregarded.

In Kensington, examples include contact between the conservatory skirting and the soil. Miscellaneous external elements are including here that do not fit elsewhere in Section E. Contact your surveyor if you require more information.