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The content of survey reports will vary considerably due to factors including the age, type, location and condition of the property, and materials used in its construction.

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Survey reports can be large files containing many photos of a property. On slower connections these files may take a short while to download.

Do you need a Home Buyers Survey? Which survey is the right choice?

  • House suitable for a RICS Level 2 Survey

    RICS Level 2 Survey in Stokesley

    The RICS Level 2 Survey is the best choice if planning to purchase a home made of conventional materials i.e. brick & tile, in reasonable order and built in the last 100 years. Find out more

  • Property suitable for a RICS Level 3 Survey

    RICS Level 3 Survey in Stokesley

    The RICS Level 3 Survey (often referred to as a Full Structural Survey in Stokesley) will also be carried out by a MRICS or FRICS accredited surveyor and is more exhaustive. Choose this for non standard property such as thatched or older homes. Find out more

  • Surveyor carrying out a Property Valuation

    Property Valuation Report in Stokesley

    This is an independent chartered surveyor valuation of the property. This is typically chosen by mortgage free buyers or someone requiring a formal valuation e.g. matrimonial dispute. Find out more


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Home Buyers Survey in Stokesley

RICS Level 2 Survey

Is it best to select a Full Structural Survey, RICS Level 3 Survey or RICS Level 2 Survey on a property in Stokesley and which would be cheaper?

The Full Structural Survey has a new name called a RICS Level 3 Survey, however it is basically the same the same comprehensive survey.

If the Stokesley property is a flat or maisonette, or is over 100 years old, or has been extended or modified, or is built of unusual materials, you should go for the cheaper RICS Level 2 Survey.

If you are thinking about whether to carry out any major works on the property, RICS recommend you carry out a RICS Level 3 Survey. This survey is not as cheap, however it will offer an in-depth analysis of the Stokesley property's condition along with more detailed advice on defects , general repairs and maintenance options .

For more details why not obtain a Stokesley House Survey Quote online or call 08000327649 to speak to a member of our team.

Damage caused by high rainfall

How will we know what impact may rain have on our new property in Stokesley, and does our Stokesley RICS Level 3 Survey mention it? Also, where there [var10], what should we do?

The impact of climate change is widely reported, yet the impact damp weather can have on a home is usually overlooked. Signs that rainwater goods are at risk include damp stains around drainage.

The good news is that guttering issues are generally easy to resolve for a reasonable cost. Where this is not unblocked on a regular basis, the damage becomes increasing costly to remedy.

House Prices

Is £214, 357 a reasonable amount to buy a house in TS9 in Stokesley for and What things will a Stokesley RICS chartered surveyor evaluate during a survey ?

A myriad of factors exist that can affect house prices e.g. the view (good or bad) or whether the property is sold under probate. As an indicator, one can try to compare with house values achieved in the nearby area for comparable properties.

The average house price registered at the Land Registry between Jul and Oct 2012 was £206, 457, which is £7, 900 less than the amount being asked. 33, Meadowfield, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, Hambleton, North Yorkshire, TS9 5EL a detached property was sold in the last 3 months for £203, 000 .

The most reliable way for you to get an accurate and professional house valuation is to get a RICS Level 2 Survey in Stokesley which includes a formal valuation as part of the service. Your qualified RICS surveyor will be accredited under the Valuer Registration Scheme (mandatory since 30 April 2011).

A professional RICS chartered surveyor should actually visit the building as well as allowing for the large variety of things that can affect house prices.

RICS Level 3 Survey on houses

I don't quite see the reason for doing a full structural survey if purchasing a defective detached property in Stokesley as an alternative to a RICS Level 2 Survey?

Although frequently and incorrectly called Full Structural Surveys buy agents and buyers alike, this most technical survey has been replaced by RICS Level 3 Survey When buying an unconventional property such as a poor condition house in Stokesley, this is now the right survey to choose to complete. Approximately 3 days after an exhaustive survey of the inside and outside of the house, a formal written report will be emailed and posted to you going through any notable insight on the construction and uses of the property. There are several no go areas with the survey to consider as your surveyor will not be able to open up the fabric of the of the Stokesley property e.g. removing secured panels.

Wall cracks caused by subsidence

We noticed that the bathroom floor dipped in one corner, is this subsidence? Is this a urgent risk, and what can be done to remedy subsidence if subsidence is found during the RICS Level 2 Survey?

Movement of a structure on a structural level is called subsidence. In addition, some homes are built with a variety of materials. These will contract at different rates.

Subsidence can result from several issues, some common throughout Stokesley. One such issue is that soil on ground on an incline is not as stable as that sitting on horizontal ground. In very wet or flooded conditions, the soil layer can sometimes become unstable and slip down the incline. Organic material in the sub-soil can also create issues. Peat is normally stable when sat below the water table, but if the soil dries, this organic matter will rot. This causes the subsoil to be compacted as its volume is reduced, by the sheer weight and pressure of the building above.

Restoration work cannot begin until the original source of the movement is found. Removing or even pruning the tree(s) causing subsidence may be enough to halt any further movement. Structural brickwork may need to be dismantled and rebuilt, or more cosmetic areas can effectively be repaired with resin filling in the cracks. This can also be time-consuming, and inconvenient. Your surveyor may suggest that you talk to an arborist to find out the best cause of action if trees or other plant life is the suspected cause.