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The content of survey reports will vary considerably due to factors including the age, type, location and condition of the property, and materials used in its construction.

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Do you need a Home Buyers Survey? Which survey is the right choice?

  • House suitable for a RICS Level 2 Survey

    RICS Level 2 Survey in Wrexham

    The RICS Level 2 Survey is the best choice if planning to purchase a home made of conventional materials i.e. brick & tile, in reasonable order and built in the last 100 years. Find out more

  • Property suitable for a RICS Level 3 Survey

    RICS Level 3 Survey in Wrexham

    The RICS Level 3 Survey (often referred to as a Full Structural Survey in Wrexham) will also be carried out by a MRICS or FRICS accredited surveyor and is more exhaustive. Choose this for non standard property such as thatched or older homes. Find out more

  • Surveyor carrying out a Property Valuation

    Property Valuation Report in Wrexham

    This is an independent chartered surveyor valuation of the property. This is typically chosen by mortgage free buyers or someone requiring a formal valuation e.g. matrimonial dispute. Find out more


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Home Buyers Survey in Wrexham

Stone-block wall damage

I am buying a stone-walled converted barn in Wrexham. Are there any issues that need to be investigated, and what will the survey reveal?

External wall maintenance is essential to the health of properties in Wrexham. Problems that impact stone-built properties in Wrexham can vary greatly, with issues like staining being quite common.

Stone walls are either regular (cut) or irregular in structure, each of which will have a list of defects peculiar to them. In addition, lime mortar may feature in the building's construction, which is prone to greater decay when presented to the elements.

Homebuyer’s Surveys will offer guidance on these matters, such as cleaning loose fragments and dirt before repointing or applying any treatment or fixative, in order to slow decay.

To get your instant Wrexham Home Survey Quote with Surveyor Local, try out our online calculator by filling a few details in the simple form at the top of this page, or call our waiting team on 0800 022 4428 to talk to a survey adviser.

Asbestos roof-tiles

The mortgage valuation surveyor informed me that asbestos boilers might be present in property in Wrexham. What are the issues with asbestos?

Asbestos is a deleterious, harmful, silicate substance made up from several naturally-occurring materials, which was banned outright in the UK in 1999, although the construction industry largely stopped using it in the mid-eighties.

There are three main types of the over sixty that are available that were used extensively in construction products: Chrysotile (white), amosite (brown) and crocidolite (blue). Their use was widespread because, before the health effects were fully understood, asbestos was considered a kind of miracle material with its high-tensile strength, its fire-retardant and sound-proofing qualities, and its resistance to chemical attack, all of which meant that it could be found in gutters, paint, ceiling tiles, boiler housings and a whole host of other products.

Care should be taken if asbestos is discovered to on no account remove or break it, and expert advice must be taken urgently. Removing asbestos will likely be expensive but absolutely must be carried out by experts, so don’t be tempted to carry out the work yourself.

Surveyors do not confirm the existence asbestos on a Wrexham home survey, but they will mention the possibility of asbestos and will offer advice as to the next steps.

All of the chartered surveyors working with Surveyor Local are fully accredited and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help them provide the best job possible on your survey. Call our waiting team of advisers on 0800 022 4428 to get your survey under way today.

Wall cracks caused by subsidence

We spotted a 10mm crack above the windows in the bathroom when we last viewed the flat in Wrexham. What subsidence-related defects will my home survey look into?

Subsidence is the movement of the foundations of a home, which compromises its structural integrity. Most homes experience minor cracking which will not affect the building's structure, because many buildings in Wrexham are erected with a variety of materials, and these will have varying rates of shrinkage.

In some cases, subsidence or movement is challenging to identify, as most of the tell-tale signs could quite easily be caused by a number of factors. For example, a sudden change in the weather can impact a house that is susceptible to further settlement, potentially as a result of poor construction.

Identifying the cause of subsidence is the first step to its precise solution. Repairing leaking drains, water mains or broken downpipes that have been established as the cause of the subsidence, should be all that is needed to stabilise the home, with no underpinning required. Specialist geological and drain surveys may also be required as the movement of soil can sometimes crack drains or water mains.

To discuss your concerns in more detail, give our survey experts at Surveyor Local a call on 0800 022 4428.

House prices

There is a detached house in the LL12 postcode area priced at £235,000. What things does a surveyor consider when calculating house prices in Wrexham?

A qualified RICS surveyor will go to the property as well as considering the wealth of area knowledge and factors that have a bearing on the value of property. There are a huge number of issues that could affect house prices (for example, the quality of nearby schools, or whether the garden is overlooked). It can help to benchmark selling-prices recorded for similar properties in Wrexham.

This means the average price of completed transactions for detached houses in Wrexham in June 2018 was £224,047, which is £10,953 less than the asking price for the cited property. With regards to other types of property, the averages for the same month in Wrexham were:

PriceProperty type
£155,312All properties

Information © 2018 HM Land Registry. Retrieved from HM Land Registry website on 30 August 2018

An impartial way to get a formal house valuation is with a RICS Level 2 Survey, which includes a Property Valuation Report (PVR) as a core component. A qualified RICS surveyor will be part of the Valuer Registration Scheme, which reinforces professional standards.

If you need further guidance, why not try our online Home Survey Quote generator (scroll to the top of the page and fill in a few pieces of information) or call our team on 0800 022 4428.

RICS Level 2 Survey valuation

I'm confused: Which Wrexham surveys include a valuation and reinstatement cost estimate, and how is it worked out?

The RICS Level 2 Survey includes a professional valuation and also a "reinstatement cost" as a standard part of the package, which incorporates an assessment of the cost for rebuilding outbuildings and retaining walls.

To be able to determine the market value, your surveyor will take combine their experience of the property market in Wrexham with other aspects relating to the property (e.g. state of repair, or number of bedrooms), key assumptions (such as there being no hazardous materials to be removed, or that there are no major legal issues affecting the sale), proximity to amenities and transport links, connection to mains utilities, and environmental concerns (e.g. flightpaths).

A RICS Level 3 Survey does not include a valuation as standard, but we can add one for a small additional fee by request. Alternatively, a Property Valuation Report (PVR) can be commissioned. To discuss your options in more detail and to choose which valuation is the best fit to your needs, call Surveyor Local 0800 022 4428.

Roof defects identified during a survey

I have put in an offer on a Wrexham building with a loft conversion. What aspects of the roof will be considered in the survey?

The vexed question of roofing is frequently addressed by surveyors, because many homes can, to the disappointment of their would-be owners, still suffer roofing woes. Any part of the roof or loft, such as parapet walls, soffits and ridge tiles, will be checked by the surveyor. Factors like amateur repairs are particularly troublesome for flat-roofed properties, and this will be checked if suitable access can be gained.

Roof upkeep need not always be costly, but they should be budgeted for carefully. A RICS Level 3 Survey prior to exchange is highly recommended, so that you fully understand what expenses you will be facing, ad, to this end, it might be worth sourcing quotes for any suggested work from a number of contractors in Wrexham, such as M. Gibson and Sons Ltd., 176 Herbert Jennings Avenue, Wrexham, LL12 7YD (Tel: 01978 262537), or Bakers Roofing & Repair Services, 25 East Avenue, Wrexham, LL14 6BG (Tel: 07925 326608).

Now is a great time to get your survey sorted out an appointment with one of the best chartered surveyors in the country with Surveyor Local. Call our waiting advisers on 0800 022 4428 to get things moving.

Damage resulting from flooding

Is there a flood-risk in Wrexham, and will the surveyor investigate indications of flooding damage, or if neighbouring properties have been affected?

Heavy rain, drains blocked with sewage or soil, and burst pipes can all result in extensive flooding damage; sensible owners and house-purchasers in Wrexham are therefore right to consider precautions. Flood water can enter a Wrexham house through a number of routes, including air bricks, poorly-fitted doors and windows, and seepage through external walls.

The Environment Agency estimates that around 5.2m homes (or 1 in every 6) is susceptible to some kind of flooding, with over half of those at risk from surface water alone.

Preventative measures can include costly but effective solutions (e.g. lime-based plaster). The surveyor may ask the residents about historical floods, although the result of these enquires should be treated as a guide only. The Environment Agency maintain a flood-warning service, with regular updated risk assessments.

Worried about what the survey will reveal and what to do about it? Give our friendly team of advisers at Surveyor Local a quick call right now on 08900 038 6667 and they will be happy to help.

Shocking electrics

When we were shown the house we are planning to purchase in Wrexham, we think we noticed some evidence of an overload of the fuses; will the surveyor report on the wiring and electrical system?

During a Wrexham RICS Level 3 Survey, your RICS surveyor will detail defects of the electrical system if it looks like they are in a hazardous state, which will include a general check of open or exposed sections of the wiring and fuse-box, as well as ascertaining the condition of any fixed electrical appliances (such as electric showers) or if there is an on-peak/off-peak mains supply. Looking at any documentation from any recent Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) conducted by a suitably-qualified electrician will also be part of the RICS Level 2 Survey in Wrexham.

For more information, why not try Surveyor Local’s instant Wrexham Home Survey Quote online (scroll to the top of this page and fill in the short form), or call us on 0800 022 4428 to talk to one of our survey experts?

Shocking Electrics

When we were shown the house we are planning to purchase we think we noticed that there was some evidence of an overload of the fuses - will the Wrexham surveyor advise the wiring and electrical system?

During a Wrexham RICS Level 3 Survey your RICS surveyor will typically add detail on the electrical system if it looks like they are in a hazardous state.

This will include a general check of open or exposed sections of the wiring or fusebox and other things, for example ascertaining the condition of any fixed electrical appliances such as electric showers or if there is an on-peak/off-peak mains supply. Looking at any documentation from any recent PIR conducted by a suitably qualified electrician should usually be part of the RICS Level 2 Survey in Wrexham.

Roof defects identified during a survey

Mould caused problems in a house we used to own. What advice would the home surveyor give in their report?

Wrexham property in good condition can be blighted by roofing problems. From rafters to parapet walls, all aspects of the roof should be reported on. Difficulties can often arise in the case of flat roofs, caused by literally being flat. An incline of at least '1 to 80' is recommended.

Upkeep need not always be costly, but they should be budgeted for carefully. A RICS Level 3 Survey prior to exchange is highly recommended, so that you fully understand what expenses you will be facing. A Wrexham roofing contractor can provide an estimate. Call Peters D B of 11 Sussex Gardens, Wrexham, LL11 2YB on 01978 357024 for a quote.

External brick wall issue identified during property survey

We want to put in an offer on a place in Wrexham. Is there any English Garden Wall bond maintenance tips we should be aware of??

Wrexham brick-walled structures can indicate both minor and serious issues. This could be anything from thermal movement to efflorescence. A defect requiring immediate attention is diagonal cracks which widen as they move upwards. These may result from ground movement, or where a timber element of the wall has rotted away. Howe R M at 3 North Cottage/Stockgrove Park, Stockgrove, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0BB should give an estimate for any work. Call them on 01525 237508.

Brick-build property are used in properties built throughout the ages, leading to a selection of different courses and brick making techniques. The advice of a brickwork specialist should be sought before attempting repairs.

Timber damage by insect larvae

We are buying a property in Wrexham but are worried about bugs. What advice should we get?

Properties are generally free of infestations, but it is inadvisable to risk buying without more information if you have suspicions.

Unfortunately, the threat posed by these to property is very real, and can be very expensive to resolve. An affected building may not always be easy to identify, woodworm, or larvae of the common furniture beetle, may be identified after finding neat small holes in wood, accompanied by piles of wood dust beneath. Remedies to an infestation can include insecticides and removal or excision of affected timber. If investigation does uncover a problem, consider speaking to the seller to ask that they deal with the issue prior to exchange.