How right property survey puts power in hands of the purchase

Winter may be biting, but these short, dark days don’t deter determined home buyers from pursuing the purchase of their dream property.

What winter does, however, is give purchasers the chance to stress test the property they buy with a thorough RICS Level 3 Survey that could reveal any potential issues or structural defects.

Weather extremes can often expose particular problems such as dampness, leaking gutters and lack of insulation.

Report professionally delivered by RICS surveyor

At Surveyor Local, we only work with chartered surveyors who are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ensuring the survey you get is always professionally delivered.

We already know many buyers don’t bother commissioning any kind of survey when they are buying a new property.

Equally we already know that failing to find out exactly what condition the property is in can leave buyers out of pocket and often facing extensive repairs that could have been identified before a purchase is completed.

Where a survey does reveal any issues with a property, the buyer is then armed with knowledge that can allow them either to renegotiate the price, have the seller carry out the repairs or pull out of the purchase altogether.

Adverse weather can reveal issues

Adverse weather conditions can often reveal external and internal problems. So, if you’ve found a property you like, talk to Surveyor Local today about commissioning the right survey that’s value for money and will put control over the purchase in your hands.

Our team are vastly knowledgeable on the different types of survey we offer – valuation report, RICS Level 2 Survey and RICS Level 3 Survey – and are standing by to answer any questions you might have.

Call now on 0800 038 6677 or get an instant, no-obligation quote for a RICS-approved survey here. We work with surveyors across England and Wales, so you can tap into their local knowledge, too, and their report will be returned speedily to you

Post Author: Frances Traynor