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11 Jan, 2018/ by Surveyor Local /News

When it comes to buying a house, you want to ensure the most professional job is being done on every element. That's why it makes sense to use Surveyor Local to find a chartered surveyor who will carry out the best survey for your requirements.

All the surveyors on Surveyor Local's nationwide panel are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and offer the essential expertise required before you commit to buying a property.

The many five-star reviews left by our satisfied clients point to the excellent job done by both the Surveyor Local team and the specialists providing the reports.

Results that can save you money

Adam was delighted at the thoroughness of the report that ended up saving him money. Awarding Surveyor Local five stars, he said: "A very thorough survey with sound advice on the cost of remedial work needed, saving me £5,000. Recommended."

Weixu said this in his five-star review: "The experience with [Surveyor Local] has been great. The response time and arranging the surveyor went very smoothly. I'm happy with the details of the survey.

"I went for the full report rather than the HomeBuyers' Report as this is my first time buying an old property and the property is aimed to be long-term residential. From the vendor, I heard the surveyor who went to the property was very professional and polite, so that's very good.

"The report was produced in a timely manner and the cost was very competitive."

Five-star reviewer Rhiannon was also impressed with how quickly her survey was done and the results provided to her. She wrote: "Very professional service. Happy with the speed and customer service."

Make an informed decision

The wisdom of commissioning a survey using a chartered surveyor was revealed in the five-star review left by GS: "Very comprehensive report, and although it ultimately resulted in us withdrawing from our purchase, we were able to make an informed and correct decision.

"I will definitely instruct them to undertake the survey on my next potential purchase."

Gary was happy to give the Surveyor Local service five stars with this feedback: "We very much appreciate the personal response and examples of expected survey results, plus the overview at the site of major issues."

Denise plumped for five stars and a sparkling recommendation, saying: "Very pleased with the service I received. Clear and easy to understand report, and everything was covered in the report. Fantastic service, highly recommend."

Quick turnaround, excellent value

When speed is of the essence, Surveyor Local can play a key part as Nigel's five-star review revealed: "I needed a survey in a hurry, and the situation was further complicated by the fact that I was not going to be in the country at the time and the survey needed to be forwarded to my solicitor.

"Harry, the team member who dealt with me, had a survey arranged for 48 hours later and took care of the all additional arrangements, all in about 20 minutes. I couldn't be happier with the service. Excellent value."

Join the many satisfied home buyers who have used Surveyor Local. Call our team now on or get an instant, no-obligation quote.

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