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12 Nov, 2012/ by Surveyor Local /News

This London property is connected to the public sewer and the drainage system.

Drainage consists of a separate drain for both surface water (for example rainwater, water from yard drains) and foul water (waste water from WCs, baths, showers sinks, basins and dishwashers). In older properties, both foul and surface water go into the same pipes while newer properties keep the two in separate pipes. 

The foul drains run in the side path under the fence. There is a single inspection chamber cover.  The cover was opened for inspection.  Other inspection chambers may be concealed within the grounds.  

The drain is blocked and requires further checks and clearing. Condition  This matter should be investigated further as a matter of urgency as the overflow can seriously affect the footings leading to potential subsidence.

Always refer to a recognised/approved specialist contractor for drainage issues. 

Furthermore, the drains from this property may pass through the land belonging to the neighbour and/or serve neighbouring property as well prior to connecting to the public sewers.

Shared drains are now maintained by the local water company/sewerage provider. 

The client was advised to consider these details as part of a water search which is normally commissioned by a client's solicitor.

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