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12 Nov, 2012/ by Surveyor Local /News

A good surveyor will always carry a ladder and where practicable carry out as detailed inspection of the loft space as possible.

Although a roadside inspection of the roof will be carried out, often a clearer picture can be painted when looking at the underside.

This property in Weybridge is a case in point.

The main roof space was accessed via a hatch on the landing with a loft Roof structure ladder fitted. 

The main roof is pitched and covered with concrete interlocking tiles fixed to battens. There is a lining felt under the roof covering as secondary protection from weather penetration. Externally the coverings show normal affects of age and weathering but look in reasonable condition with no obvious significant defects. 

Howebver, get into the roof space and there is evidence of past roof leaks on the front slope with a bucket left which appeared to be still capturing a slow but worsening leak in the roof.

in the loft on the front left corner, and staining noted to the ceiling in front right side bedroom. The under felt has also perished in these areas.

These are the sort of hidden issues that can catch home buyers unaware.  IN this case the buyer was advised to seek an adjustment of the purchase price to factor in the cost of roof repairs.

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