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06 Nov, 2012/ by Surveyor Local /News

A recent survey on a converted house in Manchester revealed excessive standing water near in parts of the garden near to the edge of a raised decking platform.

The lack of any accessible drainage covers led the surveyor to suspect that the covers were hidden under the decking.

The vendor lifted some of the slats and the surveyor was able to lift the cover of the chamber.  It was apparent that there was a partial blockage leading to an overflow which explained the standing water problem.

The surveyor also noted that the drains were of salt glazed earthenware and appear to be cracked in a number of places. No test was applied to any of the drains so the surveyor was unable to report on whether there were any leaks or other defects in the pipes.

A full drainage survey was recommended and the buyer was advised to consider a slightly reduced offer in light of the works that would probably be required.

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