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30 Nov, 2012/ by Surveyor Local /News

One defect home surveyors often unearth when investigating a property (particularly one with an extension) is a poorly installed felt roof.

When building an extension, flat roof construction is often chosen over a tiled, sloping roof because it can be easier and cheaper. A skilled builder will be able to install a well-insulated roof, with adequate weatherproofing. This will potentially last for decades if well maintained. However, many flat roofs are not installed with such care, and will decay quickly. Such was the case with this Manchester property.

The felt layer of the roof was clearly in a state of severe deterioration. In a number of areas, the covering had worn through or split, leaving the internal walls and structure of the house open to the elements. This would certainly cause major issues for the homeowner unless remedial work was carried out.

In addition, several cracks were visible in the flashing around the roof's edge, and there was evidence of weeds growing on the roof. The guttering was partially blocked in places as a result of the plant growth. This could lead to pooling of water on the roof after a spell of wet weather, exacerbating the consequences of felt roof defects described above.

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