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02 Oct, 2019/ by Surveyor Local /News

A RICS Level 3 Survey can often reveal unpalatable truths about a property we are keen on buying.

But would you go ahead with a property purchase knowing there are issues with a home's structure?

According to new research, a third of us (32 percent) would do exactly that.

Failed to take action

Atom Bank quizzed people over how they would react if they got bad news about a property they were keen on buying.

More than half (54 percent) didn't look any further into problems with damp with the same figure not bothering to investigate issues with central heating; 58 percent didn't examine electrical issues further with 59 percent reacting in the same way to roof problems.

More worrying, a remarkable 82 percent of buyers said they didn't bother looking to see if there was any sign of Japanese knotweed in the garden. The invasive plant can cause structural damage and costs thousands to remove.

Instruct a chartered surveyor

Chartered surveyors who carry out RICS Level 3 Surveys are the people best placed to reveal any structural issues with a property. At Surveyor Local, we only work with chartered surveyors who are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Whatever a surveyor uncovers during their examination of a property will be detailed in their survey report. However, it's then up to a buyer to decide how to act on that information. Often, where big problems are uncovered, a buyer can renegotiate on price or arrange for the seller to carry out repairs.

Not dealing with the issues is another matter altogether.

Ask right questions

David Castling, director of intermediary lending at Atom Bank, said: "Over a quarter (36 percent) of Brits prioritising decor over serious issues like structure problems or rising damp.

"It's clear more education is needed for house buyers to highlight the items they should be looking for when viewing a house.

"It's easy to be drawn in by lovely decor, but questions about the history and integrity of the building should be asked from the very first appointment."

Surveyor Local is right investment

He added: "And investing in a reputable surveyor and solicitor may well be the best investment you can make when it comes to your new home.

"Yes, house hunting should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it pays to make sensible enquiries from the off."

Talk to Surveyor Local today to find out which RICS Level 3 Survey is right for you. Our team are available seven days on . You can also compare surveys instantly.

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