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23 Feb, 2017/ by Surveyor Local /News

Held every February, First-time Buyers' Fortnight aims to encourage and inspire young people in particular to get on the property ladder.

The event recognises that, for many young people, there are many hurdles in the way of them purchasing their own home.

However, there are good omens for those anticipating a move into property ownership in 2017. Mortgage lenders reported an increase in enquiries from first-time buyers in January, while the variety of mortgages on offer has continued to rise, too.

Finance obviously remains the biggest stumbling block to buying a home, but the home-buying process itself can also appear a daunting one to those unfamiliar with the practice.

Simplying the survey process

One element of the process that can seem overly complicated is the survey. There are several different surveys available and how you choose your survey will be dictated to by factors such as the lenders' requirements, the age and style of the home, and the property's value.

A simple way to take the stress out of which survey to choose is to use Surveyor Local. Our expert team will put your mind at rest by arranging the survey that suits your needs best, using qualified surveyors registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Using an RICS surveyor may not be the cheapest option you are offered. However, it's essential not to skimp on something as crucial as a survey because a skilled and practiced surveyor may save you many thousands of pounds in the long run by spotting an issue during the inspection.

Expertise available at the click of a button

A survey instructed on your behalf by Surveyor Local can identify costly repairs and potential health hazards that can help you decide whether to buy or whether to negotiate a lower purchase price.

And with more than 100 chartered surveyors across England and Wales to choose from, Surveyor Local can put you in touch instantly with a specialist close to you whose expertise will help you make informed decisions about the property you want to buy.

If you've found a property you're interested in and want to know more about surveys, call Surveyor Local now on or get your quick quote here.

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