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29 Sep, 2012/ by Surveyor Local /News

This property was suffering from a number of damp issues throughout, but the most pronounced was to the bay window area at the front of the house. Rising damp resulting from a lack of DPC or Damp Proof Course was suspected but ruled out by the surveyor.

A DPC consists of non permeable layer, raised slightly above the external ground level, which stops damp rising.

This property did have a DPC layer which even met with modern building standards.

These specify a cavity wall with the DPC being set at least 2 brick courses above the external ground level. External inspection revealed that a flower bed had been built up against the external wall that was introducing moisture to the wall above the DPC level.

This is not uncommon. Often the build up of soil through gardening and landscaping can raise the ground level above the DPC layer allowing damp to penetrate.

This is easily remedied by lowering the ground level accordingly. The clients main worry was the potential expense of a chemical injection or other type of treatment. The surveyor was able to offer comfort that the repair was straightforward and inexpensive.

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