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06 Oct, 2016/ by Surveyor Local /News

When thinking of a new-build home, it's easy to assume that everything will be perfect, but even new-builds have problems, though at least with a new-build you are entitled to get any issues fixed, you just need to spot them first - and that's where a snagging survey comes in…

What is a snagging survey?

A snagging survey is designed to find out if there are any immediate problems with your new-build home. Your surveyor will come round and check everything from minor problems like leaky taps and bad finishes to more severe problems like structural issues.

When should I have my snagging survey done?

You should get your snagging survey done before you move in, and preferably before you sign the completion documents, as any issues your survey discovers will be quicker rectified if found before you legally agree to buy the property.

Try to get the snagging survey done as soon as possible after the building has finished so developers have time to fix any ‘snags' that the survey might find. In some cases, the developer won't allow you to have a survey done before completion so you'll have to book it for just after move-in, though you can have a snagging survey done at any time over the next two years, and the developer will still have to fix any problems found.

What's the process of getting a snagging survey?

Your surveyor will come to the property and check all the doors, walls, windows, fittings etc. Then they will write up the survey report and pass it directly to the developer to speed up the repair process. Once the developer has received the survey results they will have to rectify the problems within an agreed time period.

How much does a snagging survey cost?

How much your snagging survey costs will depend on the size of your new-build property and the surveyor you choose. Usually, it will cost between £300 - £600, but why not get a quick quote to find out exactly? Our chartered surveyors are fully qualified, accredited and professional with great reputations and we offer fixed fees, meaning your bill will never increase at any point.

Can I opt for a DIY snagging survey?

You can try and do your own snagging survey but you will need a good deal of specialist knowledge and a large amount of research to make sure you don't miss any issues. Major problems like subsidence or other structural issues can be difficult to diagnose early on and won't be immediately obvious to the untrained eye.

After the snagging survey is done

Even though you've had a survey done, some problems may not show up until you've lived in the property for a while. Start keeping a list, known as a "snagging list", of any defects that crop up and you can still submit the list to the developer within two years of your move-in date.

If you have major structural problems outside of the two-year window, you can still make a claim under the NHBC (National House-Building Council) warranty, which lasts for 10 years.

If you would like to discuss getting a snagging survey done for your new-build property, then give us a call on or use our free, no obligation quote generator.

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