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12 Apr, 2024/ by Surveyor Local /News

You've found a new home that you think will be perfect for you. It's in a great location and the amenities available all fit your needs entirely. You can already picture yourself happily living there with your family and loving every moment of the beautiful property that you really want to buy…

But wait a moment!

Is it too good to be true? Are there going to be some nasty things coming out of the woodwork - quite literally in some cases - once you've committed to buying the property? Should you get a survey performed on it to give you peace of mind? And how do you ensure that you're getting precisely what you want and need out of the surveyor and the report that they write for you?

There is so much to consider when buying a new home and it's easy to be seduced into an idealistic presentation of the building. So here are a few pointers from Surveyor Local to help you understand the integrity of the property and its environs so that you can be sure you know what you are buying.

What you need to know

  • The type of survey that's best for you

There are three types of survey:

  • A Condition Report (formally known as RICS Home Survey Level 1)
  • A Homebuyers Survey (formally known as RICS Home Survey Level 2)
  • A Building Survey (formally known as RICS Home Survey Level 3)

You can read more on the details here.

  • The choice of surveyor

Check that your choice of surveyor has the suitable accreditation and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which is the organisation that oversees the profession.

  • What will be checked in the survey process

The focus of the surveyor's work will depend on the type of property under analysis and the choice of survey that you have opted for. But, in general, the surveyor will be looking for evidence of damp, rot, rodent and insect infestations, invasive plants, condition of the utility services, construction using dangerous materials (such as asbestos), evidence of subsidence (or heave), and effectiveness of insulation throughout. They will also highlight any legal issues for your solicitor's attention.

If there is anything of specific concern for you, you should raise it with the surveyor as part of the appointment process.

  • Value of the property

As part of the analysis of the property for any of the surveys you've opted for, the surveyor will use their knowledge of the local area to make an assessment of the market value of the property. This will help you in negotiating the asking price with the seller, particularly if there are expensive remedial works to be undertaken as a result of the surveyor's structural findings.

  • Importance of fixing problems

The survey will highlight the list of faults and issues in an easy-to-read traffic system, with red being the most important to fix. The surveyor will also give their opinion of the immediacy of the fix required.

  • Local environmental impact

Again using their local knowledge, the surveyor will highlight any specific issues from the immediate environment that will impact the enjoyment of living there. One obvious example is the likelihood and history of flooding problems; another is the proximity of current and historical industrial works.

  • How much will the survey be?

This is a key question to establish since the prices vary across the types of survey you choose and the surveying company you choose. An analysis of 2024 prices by comparison site Compare My Move suggests that the price could be anything between £290 and £1,390. So it makes sense to research your options before choosing your surveyor.

And that's where it is really worth contacting Surveyor Local

Surveyor Local only works with members of RICS to offer home buyers a comprehensive range of surveys that are affordable and will provide the information required on a property. 

Your appointed surveyor will be local to the property you are buying so they will know the area and bring that knowledge to their assessment and their analysis of the issues with the new home.

Not only will the surveyor work hard to find all the problems affecting the property, they will also be keen to adopt new and proven technology in order to give the best survey possible.

Surveyor Local will provide a quote that will not change - what you are quoted is what you pay. 

Next-day bookings are usually available, and your appointed surveyor will look after arranging access to the property with the estate agent and the seller. Once the survey is complete, they will send you a PDF copy of the report by email.

Call  to get your survey quote started, or to discuss your concerns with the acquisition of your planned property.

Or you can get a quick quote, using Surveyor Local's easy-to-use quote generator. Simply input your name, postcode, email address, phone number and an approximate value of the property (usually the agreed price), and we'll give you an instant quote for the work (with an email copy). 

We'll do the rest once you confirm your acceptance of the quote.

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