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11 Sep, 2018/ by Surveyor Local /News

Commissioning a RICS Level 3 Survey when you intend to buy a house can save you thousands of pounds or even prevent you making a mistake in buying the property in the first place.

A recent question-and-answer article in the Guardian related the worrying case of a buyer whose RICS Level 3 Survey "highlighted serious issues with the roof".

Those issues mean that extensive repair work or even replacement of the entire roof will be required.

Previous sales had fallen through

The reader revealed that previous offers for the property in question had fallen through, but the estate agent had not disclosed that these failed sales had happened because of the very issue with the roof the survey had exposed.

According to the reader, the surveyor revealed that he had previously inspected the same property and provided a much lower valuation because the roof condition was so poor.

Having forked out the expense of paying for a survey and other costs associated with conveyancing for a property they now no longer wanted to purchase because it is not worth the price they have offered, the reader wanted advice on chasing the estate agent to pay their costs for a failed sale.

Must reveal pertinent information

Along with the assurance of the RICS Level 3 Survey, carried out by a chartered surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, that provides honest and factual information about the property's condition, the reader was reassured that the estate agent is actually obliged to reveal any pertinent information they have that would benefit a buyer's decision to offer or not.

A sale or sales that failed to complete because of the roof's condition should most certainly have been disclosed to the potential buyer.

Making an informed decision

Having as much information as possible on the condition of a property you are interested in buying allows you to make an informed decision on buying. A survey that shows a roof in need of major repairs or replacement is sure to influence to make an offer in the first place.

Surveyor Local only works with RICS chartered surveyors, giving you peace of mind that any problems, defects or issues will be flagged up in the completed report. You can choose from a RICS Level 2 Survey or a RICS Level 3 Survey depending on the age of the property you are interested in.

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