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07 Nov, 2012/ by Surveyor Local /News

The windows and doors of this property are all of timber framed double glazed construction.

Although relatively recent installation (est 10 years old), the majority of both windows and doors showed obvious rot to the timber frames (see photo for example). 

The frames of the doors and windows are of softwood as opposed to more durable hardwood.  Failure to adequately protect the frames with repainting has allowed damp to enter.

Often softwood frames, where rotten, could be locally repaired.  However the extent of the rot and the adoption of a long term view make it more appropriate to replace all the windows with hardwood framed double glazed units. 

The main pedestrian access door is to the front elevation is of timber construction seated within timber framework; all of which were found to be in a poor condition and exhibiting rot.

The outer doors to the rear entrance porch are fully glazed set within a softwood timber frame which was also in need of attention.

The purchaser was advised that, given the potential cost of window and door frame replacement, they should seek a reduction in the sale price.

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