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07 Nov, 2012/ by Surveyor Local /News

The downpipe and guttering of this Manchester house were in particularly poor condition, and had begun to cause potentially serious problems, including damp and deterioration of external walls and the property's foundations.

These rainwater goods appeared to be original, dating back to the terrace's construction. Although this can give a home real period charm, the cost of failing to replace them, in this case, would be too high. The heavily corroded downspout (pictured) had sprung several leaks and was causing flaking and efflorescence along the wall.

More concerning was the pooling water beneath, where rainwater was failing to drain correctly, and was instead seeping between the flagstones into the foundations.

Access to the basement or cellar was not possible to arrange, in order to identify the extent of any foundational damage, but immediate replacement of all the goods was strongly recommended to halt any further deterioration.

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