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29 Sep, 2012/ by Surveyor Local /News

The surveyor on a recent RICS Level 3 Survey discovered excessive damp in a second floor bedroom. Damp meter readings indicated that indicate in excess of 17% moisture content on a large area of the party wall. As a result the timber purlin had advanced wet rot at the junction with the party wall. Purlin's are horizontal load bearing joist that effectively help hold the roof up.

Wet rot can ultimately compromise the structural integrity of the beam and its ability to support a load. Further investigation with a view to immediate remedy was recommended by the surveyor. It would of course be necessary to find the cause of the high moisture content.

An inspection of the Velux Window margin revealed loose flashing around the window. This was confirmed as the point of water ingress and would require re-bedding. This may require a tower scaffold significantly adding to the cost of remedy

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