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05 Jun, 2018/ by Surveyor Local /News

Every penny is a prisoner when it comes to moving house, with expenses, often unexpected, around every corner. But instructing a RICS Level 3 Survey on the home you want to buy now could save you money in the long term.

The fact is that having a professional examine the property you are keen on with an expert, unbiased eye could well be the best money you spend in the entire process.

A survey carried out by a chartered surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) can identify any defects and potential repairs. Armed with that knowledge, you can either renegotiate the price of the property, potentially saving you thousands, or have the seller carry out the repairs before the sale can be completed.

Expert eye can spot problems

How thorough the examination of the property is will depend on the type of survey you commission. But with their trained eye, a surveyor can spot issues such as missing roof tiles, guttering that may be a possible hazard or cause of water ingress, rising damp within the property and wear-and-tear with interior and exterior walls that could be indicate any problems.

When you commission a RICS chartered surveyor through Surveyor Local, you will get the peace of mind that any major issues with the property have been identified and so you know of any risks involved in buying it.

The report will be impartial and accurate, reflecting the true condition of the property and how it has been maintained and will be presented in a clear format that's easy to read and understand.

Choosing the right report for your property

At Surveyor Local, we only work with RICS chartered surveyors to offer you three options: RICS Level 2 Survey, RICS Level 3 Survey or Property Valuation.

The Property Valuation is only an estimate of what the property is worth. It is not a survey and will not include any details of defects or repairs required.

The RICS Level 2 Survey is a general survey that identifies any visible defects or issues and also includes a valuation. It's recommended for properties built of a standard construction after 1900.

The RICS Level 3 Survey is the most in-depth examination of a property, including all accessible areas such as roof, loft or basement spaces. This is the survey recommended for older properties or those of non-standard construction.

Talk to our expert team now on to find out which survey best suits your home purchase. Investing in acquiring as much knowledge and information about the property could be key to saving you money in the long run.

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