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The surveyor who produces your report will be local to Cambridgeshire with knowledge of the area. We work with RICS qualified surveyors around the country who offer high quality property surveys at a great price. Surveyor Local gives you piece of mind and offers RICS HomeBuyer Reports, Building Surveys and Property Valuations.

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RICS qualified

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Traffic-light ratings

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Are you planning to buy a property in Cambridgeshire? Then one of the first things you'll need is a property survey. Getting a property survey doesn't have to be complicated. At Surveyor Local we can help you make an informed decision about any property you plan to buy.

We offer Homebuyer Reports (RICS Level 2), Building Surveys (RICS Level 3), and Property Valuations. So get things moving in a matter of moments with an online quote, call us on , or request a callback.

Arranging a building survey in Cambridgeshire

Found a property you want to buy and need to arrange a building survey in Cambridgeshire? No matter which part of this historic county you intend to purchase in, you can arrange the building survey you need through Surveyor Local.

From the biggest towns such as Peterborough, Cambridge and St Neots to picturesque and historic spots such as Thornley and Fen Ditton, Surveyor Local can arrange the essential Cambridgeshire building survey you need.

We only work with chartered Cambridgeshire surveyors registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to guarantee you the highest quality service at affordable prices.

Read on to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about building surveys in Cambridgeshire.

I intend to buy a flat in Cambridgeshire. What sort of survey should I instruct?

Whatever type of property you intend to buy in Cambridgeshire, the decision on which building survey is best will depend on a number of factors. For example, a full structural survey known as a Building Survey (RICS Level 3) will provide a more in-depth examination and explanation of the fabric of a building. This might be more appropriate when buying a flat or apartment because the surveyor can be asked to provide an opinion on shared areas of a property, such as the roof area, hallways and stairwells.

What should we be aware of when buying a house inside a Cambridgeshire conservation area?

There are over 10,000 conservation areas in the UK which are overseen by local authorities. Surveyors in Cambridgeshire are required by RICS to possess knowledge of local area factors and any relation they have on the building. As a result of their protected status, property prices in Cambridgeshire conservation areas are typically higher than elsewhere. However, many conservation areas have been neglected and are in a poor state, mostly caused by unauthorised alterations to the fronts, roofs and chimneys of buildings. Surveyors are expected to report whether the property looks to be within a conservation area.

A Cambridgeshire Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2) will suggest additional due diligence and enquiries are raised as part of the legal process. Unapproved extensions that do not have local authority approval may also be noted in the survey.

I've made an offer on a property in Cambridgeshire and would like to know what suggestions a surveyor can make. Does the age of the property matter?

In comparison to other forms of building, brick-built residences in Cambridgeshire benefit from many advantages. Unfortunately, they also can experience minor and more serious issues, such as defective mortar or moisture damage. A degree of movement is inevitable in an old house, however cracks in the plasterwork or brickwork should not be ignored. An issue of particular concern is diagonal cracks, which widen as they move upwards. These may result from ground movement, or where a timber element of the wall has rotted away. Buyers that are interested in less common uses of brick might consider diapering - a technique involving the use of contrasting and varied colours of bricks to enliven a plain surface. Consider the advice of both the surveyor and a builder, or other specialist, if potential structural defects arise during the survey.

A house we intend to buy is built on clay soil. What effect does clay soil have on a home's foundations?

Clay soil can create a number of issues for house owners. Subsidence and moisture changes that affect the soil are major concerns. Buyers should be vigilant for signs of clay soil subsidence or heave. If present, expansive clay soil can put lateral pressure on a house's foundations, forcing them inward. Fortunately, there are steps a homeowner can take. Your Cambridgeshire surveyor should refer to maintenance options in their report, like ensuring rainwater goods and drainage all function efficiently. Patches of very dry soil can just as easily warp foundations, so care must be taken to ensure the overall moisture level of the clay soil around the foundations remains consistent.

I suspect there is a possibility of asbestos situated in the house I'm thinking of purchasing. What is asbestos and does the surveyor look at this?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre that was used in building materials such as flooring and duct connectors because of its resistance to heat. It is a pernicious fibrous substance and prolonged exposure to its fibres can lead to lung cancer or asbestosis. Where asbestos is found, it must be removed by professionals who are licensed by the Health and Safety Executive. A Cambridgeshire chartered surveyor carrying out a building survey will not be able to confirm whether asbestos is present but will note any possibility of the fibre's use and advise where further investigation is required.

Will a Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2) include information on the condition of the electrics?

When preparing a Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2), a Cambridgeshire RICS chartered surveyor will look at the condition of the electrics, including the fuse board, its age and condition; any visible wiring; electrical fittings such as showers and light fittings. If the electrics are in an unsatisfactory or dangerous state of repair, the surveyor will highlight this in the subsequent report. Where available, the surveyor will also examine any documentation from electrical wiring tests that have been carried out by an electrician.

Is there a flood risk in Cambridgeshire and will the survey highlight whether flood damage is present in a property?

It is estimated that over two million houses and flats are at risk of floods in the UK. Those planning to buy in affected areas should weigh up their exposure. A flood risk alert service, with regular updates, is operated by the Environment Agency. In addition, the Home Buyers Survey (RICS Level 2) may outline a strategy for flood-related upkeep. Preventative measures can include costly but effective solutions, such as raised door thresholds. The surveyor may ask the agent about historical floods, although the result of these enquires should be treated as a guide only.

We are buying in Cambridgeshire and think we saw signs of a pest infestation. How do we investigate further?

Pest infestations can range from the mild and harmless, to the seriously harmful; all of which need to be taken seriously. An infected house may not always be easy to identify - for example, mice are able to squeeze through even small gaps and holes, and quickly spread disease through their droppings. Treatment for bug or other pest issues may include use of insecticides and removal of infected furniture. Rather than pulling out, it may be possible to agree a reduction in the purchase price to cover the cost of remedy.

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