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The surveyor who produces your report will be local to Derbyshire with knowledge of the area. We work with RICS qualified surveyors around the country who offer high quality property surveys at a great price. Surveyor Local gives you piece of mind and offers RICS HomeBuyer Reports, Building Surveys and Property Valuations.

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Fast turnaround

The reports are a fast turnaround while still being accurate, so you'll have everything you need in no time.

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RICS qualified

You can trust our reports as they are all regulated by RICS, assuring standards and professional guidance.

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Traffic-light ratings

Each report comes with a handy traffic-light system to illustrate all aspects of the property clearly.

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Are you planning to buy a property in Derbyshire.? Then one of the first things you'll need is a property survey. Getting a property survey doesn't have to be complicated. At Surveyor Local we can help you make an informed decision about any property you plan to buy.

We offer Homebuyer Reports (RICS Level 2), Building Surveys (RICS Level 3), and Property Valuations. So get things moving in a matter of moments with an online quote, call us on , or request a callback.

Arranging a building survey in Derbyshire

Found a property you want to buy and need to arrange a building survey in Derbyshire? No matter which part of this historic county you intend to purchase in, you can arrange the building survey you need through Surveyor Local.

From the biggest towns such as Chesterfield, Matlock and Swadlincote to picturesque and historic spots including Bakewell and Castleton, Surveyor Local can arrange the essential Derbyshire building survey you need.

We only work with chartered Derbyshire surveyors registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to guarantee you the highest quality service at affordable prices.

Read on to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about building surveys in Derbyshire.

I'm thinking of buying a regency property in Derbyshire, is it best to spend a bit more on a full building survey?

If you are buying an unusual type of property such as a period house a Building Surveys (RICS Level 3) is the right type of RICS survey suited to you. Following a thorough inspection of the home's accessible parts, this survey provides in depth details and often crucial information about the home's construction and uses as well as any maintenance needs. If there are any permanent, external buildings, these will also be surveyed as part of the survey.

What recommendations will the surveyor make for properties built from Fletton brick?

Brick-built buildings benefit from many advantages but can also be affected by several common problems. These issues will be mentioned in the report with directions for remedy. One particularly serious issue is rusted ties - a decay that can be accelerated by the black ash mortar often found in older properties. The expansion of the ties as they rust causes horizontal cracks leading to structural issues. Buyers should be aware that different manufacturing methods and brick styles have been used in this county for hundreds of years. One example is stretcher bond - also popularly known as running bond. If the Derbyshire surveyor does raise concerns about a brick wall defect or structural issue, it may be wise to speak to a builder before completion to assess the extent and cost of the work.

The estate agent mentioned there might be asbestos wall panelling concealed in the flat. What are the issues with asbestos?

Homes erected earlier than the mid 1980's may contain any number of materials containing asbestos. Asbestos is a deleterious fibrous substance which was used in building materials, such as cement sheet, because of its good resistance to heat and chemical damage. The three main types are blue, brown and white. Technically all forms are deadly and can lead to lung cancer if inhaled over sustained periods. Should you find asbestos, you should never remove it yourself. Professional advice must be taken without delay. Surveyors do not confirm the existence of asbestos but will mention if it is potentially present and should recommend professional testing.

Are there any concerns I need to be aware of when intending to buy a converted house near a Derbyshire conservation area?

There are over 10,000 designated conservation areas in the UK, governed by the local authority. Surveyors in Derbyshire must have sufficient knowledge of relevant local considerations and any relation they have on the building and its value. Property values tend to be higher because many period properties have retained their original character and these areas are largely unspoilt. However, many conservation areas have been neglected and are in a poor state, mostly caused by unauthorised alterations to the fronts, roofs and chimneys of buildings. Property surveyors are expected to report whether the property looks to be within a conservation area.

A Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2) will suggest additional due diligence and enquiries are raised by your legal representation. Unapproved extensions that do not have Local Authority approval may also be noted in the survey.

Will a Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2) go into detail on the electrics of a property?

Whether carrying out a Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2) examination or a Building Survey (RICS Level 3), a surveyor will look at the condition of the electrics, including an overview of the fuse board, its age and condition; any visible wiring; electrical fittings such as showers and light fittings. If the electrics are in an unsatisfactory or dangerous state of repair, the surveyor will highlight this in the subsequent report. Where available, the surveyor will also examine any documentation from electrical wiring tests that have been carried out by an electrician.

Are Derbyshire properties at risk of flooding and will a surveyor make enquiries about any past flood damage?

It is estimated that over two million properties are at risk of floods. Those planning to buy in affected areas should weigh up their exposure. It is strongly recommended that action is taken before water damage starts. The Home Buyer Survey (RICS Level 2) may also, where appropriate offer suggestions for better flood defences. It will also include details of any evidence of historical flooding and may comment generally about the area's propensity to flood. The Environment Agency also publish details of previous flood warnings.

Is heavy rainfall an issue in Derbyshire and does our Home Buyers survey mention it?

Regular rainfall is common in Derbyshire and across the country, but damp weather and its effect on Derbyshire buildings is not given the attention it deserves by property buyers. Signs that drainage should be given a closer look include flaking or efflorescence - a crystalline deposit of salts - on external walls. That is not to say that drainage problems should cause you to reconsider a purchase. They are usually simple to repair if identified early, unless they are untreated or poorly maintained. The damage will steadily get harder to remedy, so do not be tempted to ignore the signs.

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