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The surveyor who produces your report will be local to Greater Manchester with knowledge of the area. We work with RICS qualified surveyors around the country who offer high quality property surveys at a great price. Surveyor Local gives you piece of mind and offers RICS HomeBuyer Reports, Building Surveys and Property Valuations.

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Fast turnaround

The reports are a fast turnaround while still being accurate, so you'll have everything you need in no time.

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RICS qualified

You can trust our reports as they are all regulated by RICS, assuring standards and professional guidance.

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Traffic-light ratings

Each report comes with a handy traffic-light system to illustrate all aspects of the property clearly.

Surveying in Greater Manchester made easy with Surveyor Local

Are you planning to buy a property in Greater Manchester? Then one of the first things you'll need is a property survey. Getting a property survey doesn't have to be complicated. At Surveyor Local we can help you make an informed decision about any property you plan to buy.

We offer Homebuyer Reports (RICS Level 2), Building Surveys (RICS Level 3), and Property Valuations. So get things moving in a matter of moments with an online quote, call us on , or request a callback.

Arranging a building survey in Greater Manchester

Found a property you want to buy and need to arrange a building survey in Greater Manchester? No matter which part of this historic county you intend to purchase in, you can arrange the building survey you need through Surveyor Local.

From the biggest towns such as Bolton, Bury and Rochdale to picturesque and historic spots such as Dunham Massey and Uppermill, Surveyor Local can arrange the essential Great Manchester building survey you need.

We only work with chartered Greater Manchester surveyors registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to guarantee you the highest quality service at affordable prices.

Read on to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about building surveys in Greater Manchester.

I intend to buy a flat in Greater Manchester. What sort of survey should I instruct?

Whatever type of property you intend to buy in Greater Manchester, the decision on which building survey is best will depend on a number of factors. For example, a full structural survey known as a Building Survey (RICS Level 3) will provide a more in-depth examination and explanation of the fabric of a building. This might be more appropriate when buying a flat or apartment because the surveyor can be asked to provide an opinion on shared areas of a property, such as the roof area, hallways and stairwells.

We're cash buyers. Do we need to bother with any kind of structural survey, or will a Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2) be enough?

It's always best to be forewarned about any potential issues with a property, and those buying without a mortgage need to protect their investment just as a lender would. A Building Survey (RICS Level 3) is the most comprehensive and technical survey offered by Greater Manchester RICS surveyors working with Surveyor Local. An examination of the property's accessible areas - both interior and exterior - will inform an in-depth report on its construction, any visible defects and their causes, and any recommendations on repair and maintenance options. A Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2) would also identify any structural issues, such as subsidence, but this will not be as thorough an examination as the Building Survey.

Do clay soil foundations create problems for Greater Manchester property? Can my Greater Manchester Homebuyer Report consider this, and what defects will be reported on?

A common source of queries that surveyors face from home buyers is subsidence, particularly in areas where the soil is rich in clay. Specific issues include soil movement. Buyers should be vigilant for signs of clay soil subsidence or heave. If present, expansive clay soil can put lateral pressure on a Greater Manchester property's foundation, leading to bowing, cracks and severe structural damage. There is a real benefit in booking a Greater Manchester surveyor to carry out your Building Survey (RICS Level 3), who is familiar with local soil composition, and who has witnessed the effects first-hand. The building foundations may need extra support in some cases. A surveyor can confirm if this is necessary, as it can be a lengthy process.

Are there any considerations we would need to be wary of if buying a house in Bolton near Horwich Locomotive Works conservation area?

Horwich Locomotive Works is in a conservation area and has been classified as very bad by English Heritage, with medium vulnerability and deteriorating. There are thousands of designated conservation areas in the UK, responsibility for which lies with local councils. Horwich Locomotive Works is looked after by Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council.

Property prices tend to be higher because many period properties have retained their original character and many conservation areas are largely unspoilt. However, many conservation areas have been neglected and are in a poor state, mostly caused by unauthorised alterations to the fronts, roofs and chimneys of buildings. RICS surveyors are expected tell you if the property is or might be within a conservation area and Section I of a Greater Manchester Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2) will advise that further enquiries are conducted by the solicitor or conveyancer. Unauthorised adjustments to the building should also be noted.

Will a Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2)go into detail on the general state of the electrical system?

Whether carrying out a HomeBuyer Report (RICS Level 2) examination or a Building Survey (RICS Level 3), a Greater Manchester surveyor will look at the condition of the electrics, including an overview of the fuse board, its age and condition; any visible wiring; electrical fittings such as showers and light fittings. If the electrics are in an unsatisfactory or dangerous state of repair, the surveyor will highlight this in the subsequent report. Where available, the surveyor will also examine any documentation from electrical wiring tests that have been carried out by an electrician.

We are buying a home in Greater Manchester. Will the surveyor look for indications of flooding damage, or if neighbours' houses have been affected?

Heavy rain, clogged drains and overflowing streams could all cause major flood damage, and it is not clear that reasonably priced flooding insurance will be available in years to come. Your Greater Manchester RICS surveyor may use several methods to determine if the property in question is in danger. In addition, the property survey may offer advice to limit damage in the event of flooding. Section J of the survey report contains details, where applicable, of flooding risks found within the boundaries of the residential property or on adjacent sites. The Environment Agency also publish details of previous flood warnings.

I'm trying to find out whether insect infestations affect the purchase price of a house. Do we need a RICS surveyor?

Pests like house longhorn beetle may sometimes seem a small, even irrelevant, matter when buying in Greater Manchester. Unfortunately, the threat pests pose to property is very real and can impact a home's worth. It is vital that buyers consider this often-overlooked aspect when making an offer. Signs may not be evident for weeks or months. For example, woodworm can be extremely destructive, but fortunately their 'tunnels' in timber and wood furniture are usually quite easy to spot. As some vermin can be very stubborn, knowing the risks, and chance of success before you buy is essential. If you believe house longhorn beetle, or any pest, may be present, request that your chartered surveyor pay close attention during the survey.

I'm concerned about the impact rainfall might have on a house. Could damaged downspouts lower the property's value?

Rainfall is a fact of life in the UK. However, the impact rain can have on homes is not usually given the attention it deserves by property buyers. One indication that gutters are a cause for concern is mildew in the attic. Signs that downspouts are worth a closer look include a waterlogged garden. Generally speaking, resolving these issues is straightforward. However, if untreated or poorly maintained, the resulting damage can lower the value of the property and will get increasingly difficult to successfully resolve.

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