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Getting a proper flood-risk assessment is now essential for homebuyers

By , Chartered Surveyor

Wed 15 Jan 2014

... More

Government Scheme Could Leave Homeowners Uninsured Against Flooding

By , Chartered Surveyor

Sun 20 Oct 2013

... More

Loft insulation found to be deficient in this London Home

By Stewart Heasman, Chartered Surveyor

Thu 19 Sep 2013

... More

Dangerous unsupported bricks on Southampton property

By , Chartered Surveyor

Sat 08 Jun 2013

... More

Partially removed chimney in poor repair on Southampton semi

By , Chartered Surveyor

Fri 07 Jun 2013

... More

Investigating flood risk is an important part of buying a home

By , Chartered Surveyor

Wed 29 May 2013

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Movement concealed with render on home in Barnet London

By Stewart Heasman, Chartered Surveyor

Wed 29 May 2013

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RICS compare buying without a survey to "sitting on a time-bomb"

By Simon Wall, Chartered Surveyor

Fri 05 Apr 2013

Research carried out by Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has revealed that over one in five people who buy... More

What are those holes you often see drilled in walls?

By Stewart Heasman, Chartered Surveyor

Mon 25 Mar 2013

These holes are evidence of the property having received a treatment called Chemical Damp Proof... More

Increased subsidence risk in 2013 warns Searchflow

By , Chartered Surveyor

Wed 13 Feb 2013

Property search provider Searchflow has warned that a dry summer in 2013 could result in hundreds of... More

Missing restraint leads to roof spread

By Scott Oke, Chartered Surveyor

Wed 09 Jan 2013

As restraints were not fitted to provide a degree of lateral restraint between the flank/gable walls... More

Timber cladding decay and repair

By Stewart Heasman, Chartered Surveyor

Tue 11 Dec 2012

Homes with timber cladding will usually have seen some upkeep and repair during their lifetime, but... More

Failed double glazing can be painful

By Toby Gledhill, Chartered Surveyor

Thu 06 Dec 2012

The streaks and condensation visible in a failed double glazed unit can be particularly frustrating... More

Scaffolding needed to fix parapet coping on London home

By Stewart Heasman, Chartered Surveyor

Mon 03 Dec 2012

A routine home buyers survey of the roof and parapet walls revealed missing coping at the apex of... More

Defective felt roof needs work

By Martin Tate, Chartered Surveyor

Fri 30 Nov 2012

Home surveyors often unearth poorly installed felt roofs when investigating properties with... More

Frost destroys ground level brickwork

By Martin Tate, Chartered Surveyor

Wed 21 Nov 2012

This spalling damage to the brickwork has likely been caused by long-term exposure to the elements,... More

What are flashings and what do they do?

By , Chartered Surveyor

Mon 19 Nov 2012

Flashings on a property's roof must not be neglected, as they can cause considerable damage to the... More

Not all cracks are cause for alarm

By Edmund Drewelus, Chartered Surveyor

Thu 15 Nov 2012

Mention cracks to most home buyers and they are understandably tempted to run a mile. However all... More

Driveway slope creates damp problems

By Stewart Heasman, Chartered Surveyor

Wed 14 Nov 2012

The living room of this property was suffering extensive damp and water damage below a bay window at... More

Blocked drain potentially serious implications

By , Chartered Surveyor

Mon 12 Nov 2012

This matter should be investigated further as a matter of urgency as the overflow can seriously... More


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