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The surveyor who produces your report will be local to Wales Surveyors with knowledge of the area. We work with RICS qualified surveyors around the country who offer high quality property surveys at a great price. Surveyor Local gives you piece of mind and offers RICS HomeBuyer Reports, Building Surveys and Property Valuations.

Fast turnaround
Fast turnaround

The reports are a fast turnaround while still being accurate, so you'll have everything you need in no time.

RICS qualified
RICS qualified

You can trust our reports as they are all regulated by RICS, assuring standards and professional guidance.

Traffic-light ratings
Traffic-light ratings

Each report comes with a handy traffic-light system to illustrate all aspects of the property clearly.

Expert Chartered Surveyors in Wales

At Surveyor Local, we understand just how important it is to find experienced chartered surveyors in Wales for your properties. Our surveyors in Wales have a detailed knowledge of properties within the area and are aware of the unique issues that may affect them such as structural issues, external wall maintenance and subsidence. We work with RICS qualified surveyors in Wales around the country who offer high quality property surveys at a great price.

Property and House Surveys in Wales Made Easy with Surveyor Local

Are you planning to buy a property in Wales? Then one of the first things you'll need is a property survey. Getting a property survey doesn't have to be complicated. At Surveyor Local we can help you make an informed decision about any property you plan to buy.

Surveyor Local gives you peace of mind and offers RICS Level 2 Surveys (HomeBuyer Reports), RICS Level 3 Surveys (Building Surveys) and Property Valuations, across the UK, offering tailored national coverage.

Arranging a building survey in Wales

No matter which part of this historic country you intend to purchase in, you can quickly and easily arrange the building or house surveys in Wales you need through Surveyor Local.

From the biggest towns such as Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Wrexham to picturesque and historic spots like Beddgelert and Llangrannog, our chartered surveyors in Wales can handle your building survey.

We only work with Wales-based chartered surveyors registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to guarantee the highest quality service at affordable prices.

Read on to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about building surveys in Wales.

Commonly asked questions:

What type of house survey do I need?

Each of the different RICS surveys focuses on different areas, which should be considered by potential buyers based on their requirements. 

RICS Level 3 Survey in Wales

RICS Level 3 surveys tend to be used to inspect the condition of older properties. The most thorough of the RICS survey levels and ideal for some of Wales' older, more rural properties, a Level 3 survey highlights any maintenance issues, repairs or defects. This can include an inspection of issues such as the possibility of asbestos, flooding, structural issues, subsidence and more.

RICS Level 2 Survey in Wales

RICS Level 2 Homebuyer surveys are ideal for general surveys of residential houses, built anywhere after 1900. Monitoring the structural integrity a home, a Level 2 survey can be expected to investigate issues like the roof condition, dampness, plumbing, electrical installations and more.

Property Valuation

The simplest of the three is a Property Valuation, which purely assesses the value of a property, without any details of defects. Perfect for newer properties, a property valuation can give either buyers, sellers or even investors a much clearer understanding of the worth of a property.

Take a look at our compare surveys page to get a more detailed understanding of each of the three survey levels.

How much does a survey cost in the UK?

Depending on the service that you require and your property's size and value, the cost of house surveys in Wales can differ. Let us know what type of survey you need for your property and receive either a Property Valuation Quote, a RICS Level 2 Survey Quote or a RICS Level 3 Survey Quote.

What survey level do I need for an older building?

Older properties built using traditional methods and materials may be more expensive to maintain, while any defects may not be obvious without a detailed inspection.

When you instruct RICS chartered surveyors in Wales through Surveyor Local, you get the opportunity to discuss whether the property you intend to buy has any specific issues related to its age or construction type. The surveyor can advise on what survey would best suit your circumstances.

What survey level do I need for an abandoned property?

A Building Survey (RICS Level 3) is the right choice of home survey if buying an unconventional house - such as a dilapidated house in Wales.

A Building Survey (RICS Level 3) specifies full and significant details in relation to the house's construction as well as any maintenance needs a thorough visual inspection of the accessible areas of the house.

What are the defects commonly found in stone walls in Wales?

External wall maintenance is essential to the health of property in Wales. Regular stone walls are built with prepared or cut stone, called ashlar, and are often easier to maintain than irregular walls. Different stone types will also decay at different rates based on environmental conditions.

Property surveys should give some repair guidance, like using traditional techniques when making repairs to the fabric of older buildings. The sheer breadth of varying stone materials can make it difficult for purchasers to correctly identify the particular stone used in the building of a home. Quarries in Wales should be able to supply local stone.

Do chartered surveyors in Wales consider flooding?

It is strongly recommended that a home is protected before water damage starts. Flood water can enter a residence through several routes, including poorly installed doors.

The home survey will also include details of any evidence of historical flooding and may comment generally about the area's propensity to flood.

Will chartered surveyors in Wales detect asbestos?

Building or house surveys in Wales will not be able to confirm whether asbestos is present, but the surveyor will note any possibility of the fibre's use and advise where further investigation is required.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre that was used in building materials such as flooring and fireplace lining. The product was also used as insulation in ceiling tiles. Asbestos is a hazardous substance, and prolonged exposure to its fibres can lead to lung cancer or asbestosis. Where asbestos is found, it must be removed by professionals who are licensed by the Health & Safety Executive.

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