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23 Mar, 2017/ by Surveyor Local /News

The property market has long been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. The latest might seem straight from Hollywood, but virtual reality may be set to change the way we view properties in the same way that the Internet transformed how estate agents list houses.

While there may never be a genuine substitute for actually physically visiting a place you want to buy, estate agents are harnessing all kinds of technology to push their marketing as wide as possible.

Now one Manchester-based company has devised a way of virtually viewing a house where neither viewer nor agent are actually present.

The Neighbourhood's CGI-standard Virtual Reality tool is called ReView and it was unveiled to a worldwide audience at the recent MIPIM property expo in Monaco.

Versions of VR viewing for property have been tested in the past, most recently by Rightmove last year. On a select number of properties in London, they invited "viewers" to come in and check the place out in 360 degrees using only a smartphone and a special Google cardboard headset.

Take a 'walk' through a property

The Neighbourhood's ReView, which took eight months to develop fully, takes that idea a step further. Viewers can spend as much time as they like "wandering" around the property, getting an idea of size, layout and décor while the agent is instantly available online to answer any questions.

That saves both viewer and agent valuable time - an important consideration when demand is far outstripping supply in the UK property market.

Of course, while the idea of going all Neo in a VR headset to nosy around other people's houses is hugely appealing, once you've found a place you want to buy, you need boots on the ground to do the real work of securing it for you.

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