RICS Level 3 Survey - the highest level of home survey

Do you need a RICS Level 3 Survey for your new home?

A RICS Level 3 Survey is the most comprehensive property survey you can get, with an in-depth look at any defects or concerns, as well as the structure of the internal and external parts of the building, with photographic evidence throughout the report in most cases.

Should you consider a RICS Level 3 Survey?

The RICS Level 3 Survey is recommended by RICS if the property:

  • Was built before 1900
  • Has had extensive repairs or alterations
  • Is expecting to be built upon or extended
  • Is constructed in an unusual way, regardless of age
  • Is a Listed Building (e.g. historic interest)

What information do you get?

Once the survey has been carried out, the surveyor will provide you with a full and exhaustive report which details the findings of any major and minor defects. The report should also detail each problem, its cause and how to repair the problem including potential cost, helping you renegotiate the asking price or walk away entirely.

As well as helping you to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to proceed, or reconsider, a RICS Level 3 Survey also offers advice for your conveyancing solicitor.

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