A dormer is a part of a building projecting from the sloping roof, typically housing a dormer window.

Dormers are usually constructed to provide light and additional headroom for rooms constructed in the attic or loft of a house, and are often constructed in connection with an attic or loft conversion.

Dormers may be roofed in a variety of ways, including:

  • Gable end dormer with tiled sloping roof to match the roof on the rest of the building 
  • Flat roofed dormer – if the flat roof slopes this may be called a ‘shed dormer’
  • Eyebrow or eyelid dormer – the main roof is carried over the dormer window in a gentle curve, giving the appearance of an eyebrow

Dormers can suffer from problems if they have not been properly constructed, or if the original roof trusses have been weakened when a dormer has been inserted into an existing roof. Problems can also arise with ingress of rainwater at the junction of the dormer walls and the sloping roof. A survey report should indicate the existence of problems if there is visual evidence of them.

Post Author: Frances Traynor