Zinc Roofing

Zinc Roofing was once very popular in North America, but is becoming increasingly common in England and Wales. Although generally a versatile material to work with, prior to the installation of zinc either as replacement for part of a roof, or in the construction of an extension, a survey will be required to determine that an adverse reaction will not occur. Though uncommon, it is possible that other materials used in a home’s construction may damage the metal.

Zinc metal is still a relatively new roofing option for home builders and owners, with several advantages over more traditional methods. The metal is very resistant to weather and environmental conditions, such as frost or hail, and is lightweight, putting less strain on a property’s structural integrity. It is often chosen for its environmental benefits too, as the material had an extremely long lifespan, and can be completely recycled.

Zinc is also suitable for more unusual construction, as it can be more easily shaped than some metal roofing materials. It can be expensive to source, which has contributed to its slow uptake as a staple building material. The durability and long life of the metal may offset this cost, however.

Post Author: Frances Traynor